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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

In recent years, 世界对气候变化的集体认识, 它将如何影响社会的各个方面,必须采取什么措施来应对当前和未来的威胁.

COP26 brought together 120 world leaders and resulted in new global climate agreements; the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published updates from Working Groups I's and II's contributions to the Sixth Assessment Report, furthering our understanding of the likely physical impacts and vulnerabilities of climate change; the Science Based Targets initiative developed the first corporate Net-Zero Standard; and climate risk disclosures have started to become a mandatory business requirement in some countries.

Jacobs has also made significant progress, meeting our initial climate action goals, achieving carbon neutrality and adopting 100% low-carbon electricity ——同时在这个过程中设定基于科学的目标. 我们在公司商务旅行中引入了碳定价, 进行全球气候风险披露分析, 提高了我们的企业ESG评级,并广泛参与COP26的商业活动.

在这些成就的基础上,再加上我们新的公司战略,将气候应对提升为2022-2024财年战略期间业务增长的三大加速器之一, we have set new, ambitious climate commitments:

1. 确保每个项目都成为应对气候变化的机会

2. 到2040年,在整个价值链中实现净零温室气体排放

3. 保持碳中和状态,并为我们的运营提供100%低碳电力

我们将履行这些承诺,并将以公平的方式不断加强我们减缓和适应气候变化的做法, just and equitable for all. Read our new Climate Action Plan today.